Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Lately, I have been hating this diet for some reason. It's just so hard to be a nanny and watch these kids eat grilled cheese, pasta, mac & cheese, and I can't have any of it!!! There's me... sitting over there with my salad.... ugh. I sometime miss the days when I could eat with the kids. But, then I think about how good I feel and it's all okay again! The good news is that I have some wonderful restaurant options and that always makes me feel better! If you ever find yourself in the Columbus, Ohio area... head to a Cameron Mitchelle Restaurant. They have a bunch (CapCity is my FAVE)... there's also Ocean Club, M, Molly Woo's.... anyway... they have HUGE gluten free menus! And most have bread (YAY)! It makes me so happy when restaurants offer something to tide the gluten free people over. I hate sitting there watching everyone get apps and bread.... my theory is that we should at least get offered a free salad... a fruit plate.. I don't know. Also, check out all the gluten free apps out there! Nothing's worse than stopping for fast food and getting a person that has NO CLUE what you are talking about. I have had three incidences at Chipotle (the same one.... I hope to never return.. I drive out of my way to avoid it) where I simply ask them to change there gloves and they throw their hands up, roll their eyes, etc. Really people? It's not that hard. The end :)

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