Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Beginning

What an adventure this has been! I have been sick for about two years and have been unable to find out what the problem is. But, after months and months and MONTHS of doctor's appointments.... I found my demon. GLUTEN! Who would've thought? Well, I have been gluten-free for about two weeks.. still a newbie. My other blog is so much fun I thought that I'd make another one for this huge change in my life. While this new diet may be challenging, it is wonderful to feel so healthy! This truly is lifechanging and I hope that I can create a place to share recipes and products that I find and love!  I know that something truly helping me is all the blogs out there where people are doing what I am trying to do! So thank you to everyone else who is helping me through this adventure! Follow me on Pinterest for some recipe ideas!
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